Deloitte posts over 100 job opportunities related to the Crypto sector

Deloitte posts over 100 job opportunities related to the Crypto sector

Recent activity on LinkedIn and Google Jobs shows that Deloitte is looking to hire crypto natives. A LinkedIn search for crypto jobs in the United States yields 331 vacant opportunities at Deloitte, almost all of which were posted less than a week ago. The same LinkedIn search yields no hits for crypto-related positions at the other “Big Four” accounting companies — Ernst & Young, KPMG, and PricewaterhouseCoopers. 

Deloitte has many cryptocurrency-related job positions including

Blockchain & Digital Assets Manager — position available in 97 different locations across the United States

Tax Manager, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency — position available in 18 different locations in the US

Tax Manager, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency in NFTs — position available in 3 locations

The role of Blockchain & Digital Assets manager lists responsibilities to include providing various services such as financial statement audit, internal controls specific to blockchain and digital assets, audit readiness for blockchain and digital asset transactions, IPO readiness and SEC reporting services, SPAC transactions and accounting advisory services for digital asset transactions.

Applicants for the post of Tax Manager, on the other hand, would oversee teams that provide tax advising and compliance services to a wide variety of customers, including those in the cryptocurrency and blockchain sectors. Among the tasks are directing clients in legal entity building and analysing tokens and trades.

This comes as Deloitte reiterates its willingness to collaborate with cryptocurrency startups. Just recently, Circle engaged Deloitte to audit its proof-of-reserves in January 2023. Only a month ago, all of the “Big Four” accounting firms were “unwilling” to do this sort of audit for a private cryptocurrency startup. Deloitte has also expressed its continued interest and support for Web3. Deloitte established a partnership with Vatom, a Web3 platform, in late February to bring immersive experiences to various industries. This partnership provides multiple opportunities for corporations trying to develop culture through virtual reality, as well as brands looking to increase community participation.

There are multiple crossover postings on Deloitte’s website. There has no clarification been provided on whether the roles sought were previously made available. As of the time of writing, LinkedIn has received over 1,000 applications from all over for various job descriptions.